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Municipality of Derventa

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Derventa is situated on the north of Republic of Srpska, orientated on the half of the River Sava flow, which represents 10 km long border line with Republic of Croatia. Derventa is nearly 200 km away from Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo.

Town map

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It posesses transit character in the relation with traffic communication which connect east and west part of Balkan, as well as the directions north-south thath also connect Middle Europe with The Adriatic sea. The good circumstance is the short distance from the borders Brod, Gradiška, Banja Luka, Brčko and Bijeljina which are greatly developed city areas.

The network of local roads within Derventa municipality includes 23 roads, and the total length of categorized local roads is 129 km.

Through the municipality of Derventa flows the largest part, of the beauty of Derventa, the Ukrina river.

The total area of 517 km2 in 57 villages and Derventa, the town area, according to the latest information live about 42.004 inhabitants, with the average populationis 81,25 inhabitants per km2.

The municipality of Derventa is characterized by dynamic development of small and middle companies, privately owned, especially in trade, construction, shoe and metal industry. What also improves the development of this areas of economy is tradition and experience in this areas of economy.

The most important progress was made within the shoe industry, at the moment there are a few leading companies that cooperate with the mosst eminent companies from Austria, Germany, Italy, etc.

The important base of economic development of the municipality represents the agriculture. Thre aere several farms of milch cows, farms for fattening bulls and cows, egg-laying hens and fattening poultry.

The tourist possibilities of Derventa are not used, although its geographic position and natural features offer many significant conditions for development of transit, country and hunting tourism.

The administrative service of the municipality consists of seven divisions. The municipality uses the managing system from the quality series ISO 9001:2000, with modern equipment in window-office which provides more efficient work of the municipality management.

Municipality map

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Political map

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Places map

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Contact information


Trg Oslobođenja 3

74400 Derventa

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Republic of Srpska

The Mayer


+ 387 53 315 106


+ 387 53 315 105



Municipality parliament of Derventa


+ 387 53 315 115


+ 387 53 315 120



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